The perfect start to the day

The Breakfast Box

The Breakfast Box

What better way to start the day than with a healthy and delicious breakfast?


We deliver breakfast made from fresh ingredients whenever you want and at any location in Amsterdam. Sharing is caring: enjoy our perfect flavor combinations together with your colleagues, family or friends. Besides this, we do not only care about your health, we also like to treat our planet well.


The Food

Happy healthy mornings!

We believe that feeling good starts with eating good. Therefore our bowls contain fresh and natural ingredients like whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. We cook a delicious and simple breakfast with high quality products, no artificials and an eye for detail.


Yoghurt granola bowl

Bircher Muesli bowl

Chia Açai bowl

Chia Spirulina bowl 

We have different delicious bowls . Curious to learn more? Click on each bowl to read more about the ingredients, and discover your favourite!

How we bring your breakfast to

the doorstep of your desired location.



Build your box by choosing from our bowls (prepared by our professional chef, Tjitze van der Dam), juices, power bars and dishes. Mix and match however you want!



Order your Breakfast Box at least 4 days in advance. In this way we have enough time to prepare a fresh and delicious breakfast for you, that you can enjoy to the fullest!

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Your prepared breakfast will arrive ready to eat on the day, time and at the location you've requested.

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Put your plates and cutlery on the table and enjoy your high quality, healthy and fresh breakfast. Share with colleagues, friends or family to double the pleasure!

Sustainability & Social Impact

We care about the environment so therefore we make decisions that are sustainable and better for the planet. We work with mainly local and organic products, our cups are made from PLA and our boxes are 100 % biodegradable. Want to know more about sustainability? Read about our sustainable mission.


With our breakfast you're starting your day while doing good! Doing good? Yes that's right, it’s more than a breakfast box. For every box we deliver we set aside 5% of our profit to help fight hunger amongst homeless people in Amsterdam. Join us to help end hunger, one breakfast at a time.

What people say about us

“Unique breakfast dishes. Very tasty and I loved the look&feel"